The decentralization of a Global Lifestyle economic system cannot function without a formulated structure connecting several industries and sectors, thereby creating the Cryptoecomony.BancCoin [BCCN] is a PoW/PoS Hybrid utility cryptocurrency with Script hashing algorithm, stealth addresses and Encrypted Messaging.


BancCoin will be the central cryptocurrency of the ever expanding Cryptoeconomy developed by CCGI. This Cryptoeconomy infuses not only the enjoyments of Luxury, but also the comfort and security of a Global Lifestyle for all.


BancCoin will advance the infrastructure of healthcare with Blockchain technology, thereby working towards affordability accessibility.


Partnerships and Investments will will be the Key to expansion of the Cryptoeconomy platform, fueling the usage of BancCoin cryptocurrency.


About BancCoin

All You Need To Know About BancCoin!

BancCoin (BCCN) is a new digital utility coin that applies blockchain technologies to the enormous cryptoeconomy and lowers traditional transactional barriers in order to achieve decentralization of the Global Lifestyle. This technology offers an effective method of harnessing the value of the existing 500+ Billion USD equivalent in cryptocurrency. Backed by the business endeavors of CRE Consulting Group Inc.

(CCGI), BancCoin’s real-life value is directly attached to this same crypto-product, stemming from the partnerships and projects of CCGI, thereby giving greater access to the Global Lifestyle and Luxury Lifestyle. In other words, each CCGI partner and project incorporates a BCCN component. Therefore, BCCN makes Global Lifestyle and Luxury available through the business ventures and partnerships established by CCGI.

How it works

BancCoin Digital Wallets

I said this before. When someone clicks on their choice of wallet to download, there must be a pop-up showing instructions for the download, and the confirmation should give them the option to indicate if they want to download or not. I do not want it to automatically download when they click on it, especially without instructions for the download.

The Team

Building the Ultimate Currency

The decentralized control of each cryptocurrency works through a blockchain, which is a public transaction database, functioning as a distributed ledger.


CRE Consulting Group, Inc.

Founder & CEO Dr. Courtney R. Morgan was born into a family of music. He is the son of the renowned Living Legend,


CRE Consulting Group, Inc.

Dr. Tywaun Tillman is a South Carolina native whose exceptional athletic abilities and passion for helping others,


CRE Consulting Group, Inc.

Erica Chaplin is a Florida attorney practicing in the areas of criminal defense and civil rights litigation with Anderson

Marketing/Social Media

Upcoming News/Events


    • Acquisition 43 Acres Missouri Ozarks Land
    • Pending Acquisition of 20 Acres Abaco Bahamas Beach/Ocean Front Property
    • Pending Acquisition of 76 Acres Abaco Bahamas Beach/Ocean Front Property
    • Acquisition of the Rights to Movie/Film/TV/Publishing of All Access novel, by New York Times Bestselling Author and Phillis Wheatley Literary Award Recipient, Omar Tyree
    • Expansion of Drive Thru Doc Software Telemedicine/Telehealth Development
    • Establishment of Morchatil Winery: Importer & Distributor of Luxury Wine and Spirits
    • Development of Blockchain Physician Prescription
    • Exclusive U.S Importer of Luxury Wine for Casa Bolgiu Winery of Romania
    • Exclusive U.S. Importer of Luxury Champagne for Lasseaux&Fils Winery of Paris, France
    • Partnered with Caribbean Blue Organic Foods
    • Partnered with Coast II Coast Transport
    • Collaboration with the Jamaica government, Minister of Health on Implementation of Decentralized Telemedicine/Pharmacy Structure
    • In Development
      • Meeting with Heads of State of the Republic of Zimbabwe
      • Meeting with Jamaica Ministry of Health
      • Developing BancX, a payment gateway processing system
      • Developing BancCoinX, a decentralized currency exchange


Frequently Asked Questions.

Cryptocurrencies are subsets of digital, alternative and virtual currencies. Cryptocurrencies utilize decentralized control as opposed to centralized electronic money and central banking systems.

A global Script based utility cryptocurrency fueling a cryptoeconomy with emphasis based on a global lifestyle and luxury platform.
BancCoin (BCCN) is a Script hybribPoS/PoW based technology and blockchain. BCCN grants users access to the BancCoin network cryptoeconomy and allows for a secure, private and decentralized method of confirming and conducting the transactions within the network. BancCoin is a utility coin that can be utilized as a unit of account between consumers, advertisers, publishers, content creators, businesses and industries in a new blockchain-based, cryptoeconomy platform, that also focuses on a global lifestyle and luxury elements.
BCCN is a Script based coin, meaning it can be stored in newly developed wallets by CCGI. They can also be stored on BancCoin Digital Wallets directly on the BancCoin network. Open source information of BancCoin can be found at https://github.com/banccoin
BancCoin is currently being traded under the ticker: BCCN Update of newly listed Exchanges may be found under the Exchange tab in the menu bar.
BancCoin will use funds raised from pre-sale to fund the development of the BancCoin platform and cryptoeconomy, compensation for current advisors and team members, team expansion, consulting costs, operating expenses, research, and legal matters. A portion of the budget is also reserved for promotional efforts.
5,000,000,000 BancCoin (BCCN) has been created. No subsequent BancCoin will be created.

Bancx Executives are not registered brokers, dealers or financial advisors and do not perform any acts or functions...


BancCoinX is a currency exchange market based on a software platform that will enable individuals and enterprises...


CRE Consulting Group, Inc.(CCGI), is a diversified multi-business conglomerate with a portfolio of businesses



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