Morchatil Winery

CCGI established Morchatil Winery as an importer and distributor of fine wine and spirits, created from carefully selected vineyards and winemakers, experienced in embellishing the art and tradition of winemaking. Morchatil Winery prides itself on characteristics that exude Quality, Commitment, and Passion within the industry.

This boutique winery operates in Victoria, Texas. It is the exclusive U.S. and Caribbean importer of Romanian Luxury Wines produced by Casa Bolgui and Champagnes produced by Lasseaux & Fils of Paris, France, in the region of Champagne. Both wineries are renown for producing award-winning wines and vintage champagnes.

Casa Bolgui’s notable product, 23K Luxury Wine, is distinguished by its classic flakes of gold, exuding elegance and luxury. Lasseaux & Fils’ illustrious product, a Morchatil featured champagne, is Blanc de Blancs 2010 Vintage Champagne from Paris, France.

23K Luxury Wine

Casa de Bulgiu
Urilata Region of Romania

Blanc de Blancs 2010 Vintage

Lasseaux & Fils
Champagne Region of France

Caribbean Blue Organic Foods

CCGI has partnered with Caribbean Blue Organic Foods (“Caribbean Blue”), promoting the principle of producing environmentally responsible products. Caribbean Blue’s featured products are a line of waters (spring, sparkling and flavored) packaged in 100% recyclable and biodegradable bottles.

Hop Films

Hop Films, a subdivision of Hop Records, is a full-service, fullservice, independent production company focused on creating digital media of the highest quality. CCGI has acquired full rights to develop a TV series based on the novel, All Access, written by acclaimed New York Times bestselling author and Phillis Wheatley Literary Award recipient, Omar Tyree, whose bestselling novel, Fly Girl, is anticipated to produce a movie trilogy by Hollywood’s Lionsgate/CodeBlack. Accordingly, Hop Films, in collaboration with CCGI, anticipates the production a television series based on All Access.

Hop Films aspires to produce films that are not only artistic and entertaining, but also documentaries and other productions related to social and individual injustices that that reveal relatability and provoke emotion, reflection and incite action.

Coast II Coast Transport, LLC

CCGI has partnered with Coast II Coast Transport, LLC, providing reliable, efficient, and professional trucking services nationwide in the United States.


DriveThruDoc (DTD) is a telehealth program created and designed by Dr. Courtney Morgan, a physician with a mechanical and biomedical engineering background. Dr. Morgan practiced as a Family Medicine physician in medically underserved urban and rural communities for over 14 years. He was inspired to design a medical service that addressed the hurdles facing these communities, hence the creation of DTD.

DTD is a full-service acute medical system that utilizes technology to facilitate doctor-patient consultations. Dr. Morgan intends to integrate DTD into Jamaica’s medical healthcare system with the goal of improving the efficiency, decreasing cost and generating revenue for the country.


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